You’ve got a great team. Or honestly, maybe you just wish you had a great team.

But even if they’re all doing their work, something’s not clicking. Gears are grinding, efficiency is down, irritability is up, and you can’t afford it.

You don’t have to.

Change the way they work, and change the way they talk. Get your team working fast, clearly, and happily, and give the best thinkers, innovators, and workers the chance to distinguish themselves. Give people work they’re good at. Find out who’s a liability, and why, so you can make decisions accordingly.

Tune the engine, and listen to it purr.

Consulting starts with a one on one consultation with you. You tell me what you think the issues are. I ask questions and start to design a process.

Then I come in and meet with the team, up to 8 people. First I observe them in an ordinary situation. Then I start to work with them.

Each consultation process is customized to the needs, dynamics, and skills of the team in question.